“Love, by Definition” (a Poem)

Some relationships teach only of the nothingness of love

When what we were no longer exists, replaced by something we never wanted to be

Empty doesn’t come close to describing the gaping hole left by another person’s broken promises

And crippled substance

As they offer both everything and nothing simultaneously

Some people know only of the incompleteness of love

Starting and re-starting and stopping because their minds race

Their focus unclear, their hearts unsettled

Still they search and destroy

Seeking to defend, leaving long before the end

His nonconforming plot trapping her in an unassuming ploy

Some entanglements reveal only the passion of love

One-sided connections leaving us resigned to unworthiness

While filling the trespasser with our goodness and relief

Servicing undeserving associations

Incongruent actions misaligned with false promises and broken beliefs

Some stories only give voice to the misrepresentations of love

Fairy-tale endings never meant to see day’s light in the wake of reality

As lines are written with fallacious accuracy

Product positioning to promote the promise of something better

Trusting both at once, a life wrought with duality

Love, by definition, teaches and grows and endures and completes

Arrested by breaths of affirmation, suspended in time and tomorrows

Opposed to leaving you without, as it only knows how to fill

Its very nature wholeness realized

Consistent actions confined within commitments seal

When you love rightly, you inherently reap

Lifetimes are crystallized and joy emits from favored emotion

As it is evidenced by your words and deeds and thoughts

Suspended in potential and purpose

Conceived with greatness and fullness

It becomes the very nature of devotion

But only when you love, by definition.

–© Renita Bryant 2013

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