YES! Yesterday Mourning in PRINT!

Yesterday Mourning in print!

I am so excited!!!

My first novel, Yesterday Mourning, is officially in print! I received the copies this week and felt an incredible sense of accomplishment and elation! Although the journey definitely continues, there is something spiritual about holding your special something in your hands. I won’t compare it to childbirth or anything but…

After years of procrastinating and fighting fear, I was excited to finally publish my first book in May (eBook format only). Although it’s not 1,000 pages and written in Shakespearean prose, I love it! Now, I have the printed version and it feels even better because I can touch it and sleep with it under my pillow (j/k – kinda)!

The words and chapters represent a confused and complicated time in my life, a time I struggled to overcome. It’s always been far deeper than just a book. However, as I opened one of the boxes to reveal my story, I thought not of the bad things or complications. Instead I felt strong and empowered. I knew I could in fact do all things and accomplish all things as long as I was dedicated to the task.

Yesterday Mourning in Print

A friend once asked me – What’s there to lose? Sometimes there’s everything… and sometimes, there’s nothing to lose but everything to gain. The past is my truth but it doesn’t have to transform into my tomorrow. Right now, I’m happy about the privilege of today and the promise of the future!

Next stop – traveling the world, signing some books, and writing more blogs! I hope I get to meet more of you guys along the way!

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