“Love Me Simply” (a Poem)

You refused to love me simply

Because it wasn’t the easiest fit

My inconvenient presence

Blending with your inconsistent benefit

You were slow to love me simply

As I occupied too much space and time

Not enough hours to fill us both

So you pursued another woman’s bottom line

You tried never to love me simply

Refusing the uncomplicatedness I became

Boring but loyal, sincere and true

A barrier to your desire for more dramatic aims

You didn’t consider loving me simply

Ignoring the notion for a second’s fraction

Instead you chose silence as your representative

Perverted purpose revealed through hypothetical actions

You have no right to love me simply

Lost forever by your own confused state

Or maybe that was your angle all along

And I am the one that fell for the proverbial bait

I no longer love you deeply

Forgotten promises of potential tomorrows

I choose to leave your life and heart

Reclaimed dreams traded for tear-soaked sorrows

Now I celebrate loving me completely

With the freedom you could never afford

Strongly, safely, consistently, in all ways transparent

My forevers etched on love’s doorway

My future and present self aligned and in accord

I no longer need what I once wanted from you

I no longer request what I once demanded from you

…. Because now I simply can’t.

-© Renita Bryant 2013

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