A Poem for My Mother, Vanessa (10/4/1963 – 5/11/2006)

My mommy, Vanessa Bryant

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

I wanted to write a poem to convey how my heart feels

but mere words could not express enough

and rhyming patterns felt too unreal

How could simple lines and stanzas testify

to the gratitude I have

the attitude I have

Fear I, dissecting the emotions in half

Due to insecure accent schemes and immature usage means

all in an attempt to tell you – I Love You

I wanted to write a song to inform the masses of my adoration of you

my infatuation with the strength of you

the skill of you

but I doubt they could comprehend your beauty

and magnificence in this lifetime

Reciprocate your radiance, respect, and righteousness in HIS life’s time

But the song would appear wildly staccato and incomplete

and I’d risk missing the beat to tell you- I Praise You

I wanted to write a script with characters that could sum to the one of you

But not enough existed in my budget and I doubt that simply two could pay tribute to the work you do

The right you do, the hands you lend

A virtuous woman comfortable in her own skin

Journeying along God’s plan

But with the media’s current direction

I’d fear losing who you truly are to who they’d market you to be

Causing me to lose at my attempt at saying – I Honor You

So instead I’m dedicating a lifetime

My life’s line

To giving back to you what you have given me

– Helping strangers because change starts with one person

– Working in the background because not everyone needs to be center-stage

– Taking responsibility because accountability builds character

– Loving those around me because harboring hatred will hurt only me

– Not being ashamed of who I am/what I am but embracing what God’s making me, the quest on which He’s taking me

But only if in my life’s span I am able to depict that through it ALL, I’ve been trying to show how much I THANK YOU.

– RTBryant (Written/shared May 2005 – our last Mother’s Day together)